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June   8 ,  2017
at 7:00 pm

AMRC Field Day
by Al Hughes, NZ4A

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The Alford Memorial Radio Club has several business sponsors that provide us with monthly door prizes and gift certificates, a web site, and many other things that help our club run smoothly and save us money. We would like to thank Ham Radio Outlet for all of the financial and technical support they have given our club over the years. Many thanks to Mark, Josh, David, and the rest of the helpful crew at HRO for all they do for us.     It is greatly appreciated!


The June 2017 TOTR is now available!

To view or download the latest edition of the E-TOTR club newsletter, use the area in the sidebar to the left to select a TOTR newsletter from the drop down list.

Copies of the TOTR can also be found on our Facebook Page and on our Yahoo Group.

Field Day in June, a special ARRL event, camping, picnicing, games and fun!

We will again this year be at the Events Meadow at Stone Mountain Park.

Mark your calendars for June 23rd, 24th, and 25th so you can come out to help setup on Friday, finish setup and enjoy the festivities on Saturday, and operate through the night until 2:00PM on Sunday, then help tear down, pack up and head home!

Click Here to be taken to a Google Doc for a Sign-up Page to volunteer your time.

You must add your name and the number of adults and children that will be attending the Saturday evening dinner as well to the Google Doc above. This is so we can get a good estimate of the amount of food that will needed!

Click here for further ARRL information on Field Day.

We look forward to seeing our club members and friends come out to the Alford Memorial Radio Club 2017 Field Day.

For those who can help on Monday we'll be relocating more equipment from Steve's Trailer to the storage facility.


Awaiting Photo

Karl Phillips - K4GZZ

The Alford Memorial Radio Club Ham of the Year award was presented to Karl Phillips, K4GZZ, at the December Christmas Party. Karl was unable to attend the Christmas Party, so his award was presented to him at the Saturday morning breakfast meeting on the following weekend. Congratulations Karl for an award well deserved and long overdue!


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