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220 Repeater
224.760 - PL 100.0


The Alford Memorial 220 Repeater was originally put on the air in 1992 for use by novice operators that did not have priviledges on the 2 m band. The Original 220 Tower site was at Memorial Drive at I-285 with the Antenna mounted at about 70 ft. On April 21, 2002 the repeater was moved to it's present home at the Exchange Park Tower location. The Antenna was mounted at the 325ft level


The 224.760 Tower - all 350ft of it.
The 350 foot tower
 The 224 repeater
The 224.76 repeater cabinet
 The 224.760 Repeater
The cabinet housing the tuning cans
 The tuning cans for the 224.760 repeater
The tuning cans

For more photos of the 220 repeater installation

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