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440 Repeater
444.250 + PL 131.8


In late January of 2015 the old Micor 145 and 444 repeaters and the cabinets associated with that equipment were replaced with brand new Kenwood commercial grade repeater equipment. The three cabinets housing the 145, 444, and 224 repeaters were removed and replaced by one cabinet. The new cabinet currently contains the 145 and 444 repeaters and their power amplifiers. The repeater controllers for the old repeaters have been replaced by one SCOM 7330 repeater controller. The new equipment cabinet and the cabinet for the 145 duplexer were repositioned against the back wall, freeing up quite a bit of floor space at the location.

These photos are of the new equipment and cabinet

The 145/444 Repeater Cabinet
The new repeater cabinet and existing duplexer cabinet relocated against back wall
The 145/444 Repeater Cabinet
Top to Bottom: 444 PA, 145 PA, 444 Repeater, 145 Repeater, SCOM 7330 Controller, a shelf, lots of empty space, another shelf for a battery, and at the bottom an Astron Power Supply

Photos of the old 440 Repeater Equipment

 The 440 repeater
The 444.250 repeater cabinet
 Repeater site
The repeater site at Exchange Park

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